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Rusmedia : new website – nieuwe website – новий сайт – nouveau website

Posted by Kris Roman on September 14, 2009



Euro-Rus :
Евро-Русь :
European Friends of Russia :
Друзья России в Европе :

European Friends of Serbia :
Друзья Сербии в Европе :

European Friends of Belarus :
Друзья Белоруссии в Европе :

European Friends of Iran :
Друзья Ирана в Европе :

European Friends of Syria :
Друзья Сирии в Европе

Children of Beslan :
Дети Беслана :


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Vormingsavond Rusland met aanwezigheid van N-SA en Euro-Rus op 25 april 2009

Posted by Kris Roman on April 13, 2009


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The NATO Defence College review of the book ‘Enemy of the People’ by Dmitry Rogozin

Posted by Kris Roman on February 25, 2009

logo_rogozin_vrag_narodaThe curious reader might do well to start Ambassador Dmitri Olegovich Rogozin’s book by looking at the comments about him which the author has chosen to include as an annex – essentially abuse from prominent Russian political figures, including the leader of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky (whose father Rogozin pointedly identifies as being named Edelshtein): “Rogozin is an agent three times over – of the Kremlin, the KGB and the Comintern. He is a villain three times over.” Anatoli Chubais, formerly head of electricity monopoly RAO UES, and whom Rogozin identifies as the “spiritual guru” of the liberal SPS party and author of the concept of “voucher privatization”, describes Rogozin as a National Socialist. The author records other attacks on him by some of his favourite targets of abuse.

It would be natural to suppose that these quotations were recorded by Rogozin in a spirit of irony. It would also be wrong. There is so far as I could teil no trace of irony or self doubt in what Rogozin writes in this account of his political development and ideas. He means every word. It is natural enough that an autobiography should centre on its subject’s actions. This one is deeply personal. The only people mentioned in it who come out consistently well are Rogozin himself, and why not, for it is his story; Rogozin’s distinguished military father (General-Lieutenant Oleg Konstantinovich Rogozin, Hero of Socialist Work, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor); and Vladimir Putin – who has yet to earn Rogozin’s despair. The introduction to the fourth edition of the book, sent for publication as Rogozin was about to take up his appointment as Russian Ambassador to NATO in January 2008, records his view that Rodina “won” the 2003 Duma elections (Rogozin’s word, presumably implying a moral victory since the party did not come near to winning a majority of the recorded votes, even if its showing was better than the Kremlin had anticipated). Since then, he says, vital elements of Rodina’s programme have been adopted by the Russian government. Putin’s real convictions, (page 5) says Rogozin, are those of the patriotic opposition. His book is dedicated to President Putin, as he then was.

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Happy New Year ! С Новым Годом ! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar ! Bonne Année ! Glucklich Neujahr

Posted by Kris Roman on January 8, 2009





Пусть 2009 принесёт нам Радость, Правду и Свет.

Moge 2009 Vreugde, Waarheid en Licht brengen.

Que 2009 apporte la Joie, la vérité et la Lumière.

Möge das Jahr 2009 Freude, Wahrheit und Licht bringen.

May 2009 bring us Happiness, Truth and Light.

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History of creation of R-29RM Sineva SS-N-23 missile

Posted by Kris Roman on October 22, 2008

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South Ossetia – Reaction from the State and Society

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008

Geopolitics & Analyse


Saakashvili’s puppet regime has started the war against Russia “de facto”. Of course, Washington could easily be seen behind his back, but it were Georgian soldiers who actually killed civilians and Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The were no official declaration of War from Tbilisi, but armed attack on a military personnel while on duty were in all times “casus belly” for a war.

Delayed Kremlin’s reaction was adequate from the military point of view: ground troops engagement and air raids on Georgian territory (Tbilisi managed to destroy civilian targets in the early hours on the 8 august by a surprise attack). On the whole the situation was, to put it mildly, strange – army is fighting but Russian energy companies are still supplying Georgia with natural gas and electricity. So Gasprom is a state within itself and doesn’t care about anything except money.
This time it was different. The military had their own way and American pet was crushed for good. But that is not enough. This criminal regime should be destroyed publicly, to show the Americans that every single regime they established on our borders will end the same.

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Europe : a glance from Moscow

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008

Geopolitics & Analyse : 

by PZRK (“Rus”)


When we are looking at present day Europe from Russia few things are very obvious. This is a very disturbing and sad situation. Europe has been a patten to follow for many people all around the world. But it was only a myth. And a myth has it become.

Firstly, Europe is totally dependable. One could only dispute the degree of colonization of different countries of Europe by their master – the united states of America. Washington has gained full control over Europe after the Second World War at the pretext of helping Europe against the Soviet Union. Europe was weakened by the War. So it was not difficult to establish full control over Europe firstly through “The Marshall plan “and later through internationalization (one should read Americanization) of national economies. US easily control it through NATO – on a millitary level. Ideology is controlled through American owned mass media.

Soviet threat has vanished but American infrastructure stays the same. NATO with American occupation troops has bases all over Europe. Economy is controlled through a domination of American corporations, ideology – again through American owned mass media.

Leaders from all over the world have mentioned that it has been very difficult to deal with leaders of most of the European states, lately. They pursue policy to the detriment of their national interests. The example is on the surface – the Kosovo enclave. This filthy stink was organized by the direct order from Washington. Now Europe has the biggest ever place in Europe of narcotraficing, slavery and illegal arms dealing. To say nothing of Islamic foundation of the state!

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South Ossetia. Operation “Clean Field”.

Posted by Kris Roman on August 30, 2008

Alexandr Nikitin
Secretar PZRK “RUS”

Former KGB officer

Well, try to imagine a small city in the mountains. Deep into the night. Everybody is asleep. Mostly old, women and children. Very few men. All of them are out of their homes in the country – guarding the borders. That’s how it ought to be – thanks to the neighbour – very canning lair who tried many times to kill them. Now he is far more dangerous: he was armed by Americans with sophisticated weaponry, trained by Americans and has more then 200 american advisers on the ground.

But civilian believed the lies, which had been told by the Georgian president few hours before. He declared оn the television about the exclusion of the use of force in the dispute. And all of sudden all hell got loose. The city was shelled by heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. (This in accordance with the international law cannot be used against civilians). Georgian aim was to kill as many civilians as possible. And they killed 2200 people and even now one couldn’t give the exact figures about the wounded.

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Posted by Kris Roman on August 30, 2008

Александр Никитин
Секретарь ЦПС ПЗРК «РУСЬ»

Марионеточный режим Саакашвили фактически объявил войну России. Конечно, за ним стоит Вашингтон, но непосредственно мирных российских граждан в Южной Осетии и российских военнослужащих-миротворцев убивали именно грузинские военные. Официально Тбилиси войну Москве не объявлял, но вооруженное нападение на военнослужащих при исполнении ими служебных обязанностей всегда, во все времена расценивалось как «казус белли» – повод для войны.

Реакция Кремля была запоздалой (Цхинвали грузины успели разрушить, причем варварски, стрельбой из тяжелого оружия по площадям), но в собственно военном плане адекватной: ввод войск и воздушные налеты на военные объекты на территории Грузии. Однако в целом ситуация сложилась странная – армия воюет, а энергетические компании России продолжают поставлять Грузии электричество и газ, то есть помогать противнику. Получается, что Кремль сам по себе, а Газпром сам по себе, и правительство, государство ему не указ…
Российским военным на этот раз не связывают руки, и военную машину Саакашвили, созданную американскими советниками на деньги американских налогоплательщиков, они разгромят быстро. Но этого недостаточно. Требуется раздавить нынешний тбилисский режим, сделать это демонстративно, чтобы раз и навсегда отбить американцам и их клиентам охоту создавать у наших границ марионеточные правительства с единственной задачей мешать спокойному развитию России.

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Interview with PZRK – Russian patriotic party “Rus”

Posted by Kris Roman on August 19, 2008

In september tonen we ee Euro-Rus interview met PZRK-verantwoordelijke Sergej Voitsjinsky.
In september we will publish an Euro-Rus interview with the PZRK, a Russian patriotic party.

Foto : PZRK-verantwoordelijke Sergej Voitsjinsky en vertaler (Russisch-Nederlands) Svetlana.
Photo : PZRK-responsable Sergej Voitshinsky en translator (Russian-Dutch) for the interview Svetlana.

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