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South Ossetia. Operation “Clean Field”.

Posted by Kris Roman on August 30, 2008

Alexandr Nikitin
Secretar PZRK “RUS”

Former KGB officer

Well, try to imagine a small city in the mountains. Deep into the night. Everybody is asleep. Mostly old, women and children. Very few men. All of them are out of their homes in the country – guarding the borders. That’s how it ought to be – thanks to the neighbour – very canning lair who tried many times to kill them. Now he is far more dangerous: he was armed by Americans with sophisticated weaponry, trained by Americans and has more then 200 american advisers on the ground.

But civilian believed the lies, which had been told by the Georgian president few hours before. He declared оn the television about the exclusion of the use of force in the dispute. And all of sudden all hell got loose. The city was shelled by heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. (This in accordance with the international law cannot be used against civilians). Georgian aim was to kill as many civilians as possible. And they killed 2200 people and even now one couldn’t give the exact figures about the wounded.

One couldn’t imagine what they felt when the rockets fell on the sleeping city. Their horror, fear and anger were impossible to describe. The name of city – Tshinval, the capital of the South Ossetia. Killers the Georgian military – trained and armed by the Americans at the expense of the American taxpayers. The name of principal killer is Mikhail Saakashvily. He is an American citizen and is on the payroll of American state department.

The mass killing of civilian population was the beginning of American operation with code name “Clean field”. Just think – that means there should be nothing: no people, no houses, nothing. In other words Americans by the hands of Georgians started operation to exsterminate the whole nation. We are not speaking about that psycho, which is their president for the time being- it is irrelevant, because Georgia is an American colony “de facto”. Thus, they tried to solve the Ossetian question once and for all. In other words it is genocide.

So, what about the rest of the world? Zero+. Even less the zero. Where are those human rights fighters, UN, Great western democracy’s? So that is their idea of having fan – so be it.
Russia interfered at last. Delayed – but reaction. Only the engagement of our military stopped the mass killings. Very prompt reaction from the west. Their ass kissing very famous democrat saakashvily failed at last. It was very painful to watch billions of dollars going down the drain. Of course he is a butcher. But he is their pocket butcher who hates Russia and loves America! So, what of those killings – let him do it? He is democratically elected psycho who will be kissing American ass till the end of days. Let him turn his country into the American military base on the Russian border!
Rather vicious logic. Nobody allowed to kill people. Never and nowhere, period. Nor in Yugoslavia, nor in Iraq or South Ossetia.

There could be no justification for a mass killing of civilians. Crime against humanity is a crime against humanity and doesn’t matter in the name of what goals it was done. They are criminals. Criminals should be put to trial and then behind bars. Fascists were trialed in Nurburg, Yugoslavians in Hague. That is the right place to the Georgian murderers and their American masters!

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