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Europe : a glance from Moscow

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008

Geopolitics & Analyse : 

by PZRK (“Rus”)


When we are looking at present day Europe from Russia few things are very obvious. This is a very disturbing and sad situation. Europe has been a patten to follow for many people all around the world. But it was only a myth. And a myth has it become.

Firstly, Europe is totally dependable. One could only dispute the degree of colonization of different countries of Europe by their master – the united states of America. Washington has gained full control over Europe after the Second World War at the pretext of helping Europe against the Soviet Union. Europe was weakened by the War. So it was not difficult to establish full control over Europe firstly through “The Marshall plan “and later through internationalization (one should read Americanization) of national economies. US easily control it through NATO – on a millitary level. Ideology is controlled through American owned mass media.

Soviet threat has vanished but American infrastructure stays the same. NATO with American occupation troops has bases all over Europe. Economy is controlled through a domination of American corporations, ideology – again through American owned mass media.

Leaders from all over the world have mentioned that it has been very difficult to deal with leaders of most of the European states, lately. They pursue policy to the detriment of their national interests. The example is on the surface – the Kosovo enclave. This filthy stink was organized by the direct order from Washington. Now Europe has the biggest ever place in Europe of narcotraficing, slavery and illegal arms dealing. To say nothing of Islamic foundation of the state!

Getting back to the problem of deployment of American anty-rockets in Eastern Europe? As before now, we didn’t have aims for our nukes in Europe – now we have. Europeans should thank their American masters. And what about Europeans taking part in the American military ventures far from Europe – yesterday it was Iraq, Iran could be the next step.
It is absolutely nothing Europe could gain or loose in those remote places – that’s perfectly clear. But European governments couldn’t follow their national interests. They simply cannot take decisions. Decisions are taken across the ocean in the White House. We have a typical situation between the Metropolis and a colony.
Secondly, Europe is totalitarian. European totalitarizm differs from that of Hitler or Stalin’s one. Today’s dictatorship in Europe is masked by a so called democracy but that does not make it less tough, than of fascists or of communist’s. Pluralism or free press is simply words without meaning. One could only praise principals of neoliberalism and carry to the point of absurdity things said J-J Russo two hundred years ago: “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood”. Let me attract your attention, that “Freedom” is treated like an obligation to break all humanitarian norms of behavior which have been guiding Europe for the last 2000 years. “Equality” is understood like sameness, like neglect of natural differences between a man and woman, between a grown up and a child. “Brotherhood” – like a neglect of significance of blood ties between the people and the natural differences between the nations.
Censorship and self censorship are so severe – that no deviations are allowed. Good example – that article has no chance at all to be published in a big European newspaper. One could draw an absolute parallel with the Hitler or Stalin era.
Thirdly, like every totalitarian society, Europe is antidemocratic. Democracy – like a power of majority is replaced by the dominance of the minorities, whose abstract principals of tolerance and fair policy are placed above the interests of society. And we are speaking about all types of minorities: social, national, religious and even sexual. In some cases interests of the people are put below the interests of animals…
Europeans have stopped to reproduce themselves. German woman has an average of 0,6 child – so with each change of generation there are four times less Germans (this is more or less basic tendency in most of the European countries). Traditional values are replaced by the values of a consumer society – narcotics, unisex love, mass culture – these are things which are really killing Europe.

Europeans are at a loss, they do not understand the lack of enthusiasm about our joining the present day Europe? The answer is obvious – we don’t want to be an American colony. We like freedom, not ideological dictatorship (we’ve had enough during the Bolshevik era), we want real democracy and the main thing WE WANT TO LIVE AND DO NOT WANT TO PERISH LIKE MAMMOTH’S AND EUROPEANS.

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  1. Edith said

    Я так понимаю, в последнем абзаце как раз таки и вся соль была изложена

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