For a great Europe, from Gibraltar to Vladivostok ! – За Великую Европу, от Гибралтара до Владивостока !

What is Euro-Rus ?

Euro-Rus is an association, aimed at propagating the idea of a European geopolitical axis, also known as “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” axis. EuroRus proceeds from the fact that the rule of the so-called “American” governments is detrimental for all the cultures of the world and European cultures in particular. Americans of European descent as well as all the other nations of world are paying a heavy cost for the idea of “multicultural society”, imposed on them. When we talk about the “American rule” we mean those pernicious people that occupy lodges, lobbies and governments and international banks: “The Skulls and Bones”, The Bilderbergers, “The Concil of Forein Relations”, The Trilaterale Committee… 


The rule of international bankers is detrimental for our European nations. This statement also concerns Great Britain, the most loyal satrap of the American lobbies. The nations of the British Isles – Englishmen, Scotsmen, Irishmen and the Welsh are also victims of these lobbies. On the instructions of the international bankers, the British foreign politics acted against the interests of Europe. The only way to restrain the international bankers is strong Europe: Europe of the nations, but also realistic Europe. Strong and free Europe can be built on the basis of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow geopolitical axis, and this is the only axis that can make Europe truly free. EuroRus is to promote friendship and collaboration between the European nations. Every nation has to take its own decision, but those decisions are not to plant the seeds of discord between the European nations.  


We are Europeans of Indo-European descent and now we are now standing at the edge of oblivion: we will either survive or disappear from the face of the Earth. Demographical tendencies do not look favorable to us: the demographers foresee a flow of no less then 500 million (!) immigrants from Asia and Africa. Combined with the fact that the native population of Europe has the lowest birth rates ever – it inevitably leads us to the downfall of our civilization.


Europe had known a lot of wars and the international bankers unleashed many of them. World War II was the most severe, but now the European nations would not survive a war within Europe. The European nations are to give each other a helping hand and stay together if they want to withstand the challenges of the nearest future. We will never exterminate each other after the orders of the international bankers ever again! Russia is an important component of this geopolitical axis. For a long time this European country had been an enemy to the West. We heard horrible stories about the situation in Eastern Europe from the Western media, and the media of Eastern Europe was not quite friendly to us. There rose the “Iron Curtain”. And after World War II the only thing we had left was learning about “once-mighty-Europe” from history books. There is a question that suggests itself: who was to profit from the European wars? Today, Europe is divided into two camps: the countries of the “American” sphere on one hand and Russia on the other. Russia is the mote in the eye of American-British lobbies and they lose no chance to cast slurs upon Russia. The Western Europeans are being artificially set against the Eastern Europeans, just like in the times of the Cold War, but the horrible wall of discord has been moved a few hundred kilometers to the east.


We can ask ourselves: why do we have to choose Russia over America? Those who prefer the Atlantic (Western) axis Washington – Bruxelles – Tel-Aviv look up to America as “the land of the free”. However, we can see that in fact there is not so much true freedom left in the country where the ideal of freedom is being brandished.


1. Two major economical lobbies support both parties of the “democratic” system. Whatever party comes to power, the lobbies always win and the American people always loose.


2. Most of the Western European countries have severe laws against freedom of speech.   


3. Israel treats its neighbors as if they are scum and have no rights.


This is why we reject the Atlantic axis – the axis of oppression! As opposed to the European axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow – the axis of true freedom! The leaders of the oppressive Atlantic axis consider Russia “not democratic enough”. For them, democracy is but an instrument for an unpunished pillage of the natural resources of our planet, deception and ruthless exploitation of the nations of the world. We reject such form of “democracy”.


For there is another form of democracy: a democracy that exists in Russia. Even nowadays in Russia you can still buy books, in Europe you may go to prison for. True historical terminology is still in use in Russia. Most Russians show great affection for their country and their nation. They know their history; they know the heroes of their nation and the ones that made the nation suffer; they know their traditions, their songs. And, what is even more important, they reject everything that disparages their country. It is not accidental, that the Russian president, an active supporter of controllable democracy enjoys such popularity.


Western Europe with such prominent country as Germany at its core cultivates order; Eastern Europe with such prominent country as Russia at its core, cultivates faith and tradition. They say, Germany isbody and Russia is soul. Together with other European nations Europe will rise again! The Double Eagle will be the symbol of New Europe: with one head facing east and other facing west, they both have one body. The European axis is the only axis of European salvation!


Long live our Great Europe – from Gibraltar to Vladivostok!


Friendly Regards,

Kris Roman


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