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South Ossetia – Reaction from the State and Society

Posted by Kris Roman on September 8, 2008

Geopolitics & Analyse


Saakashvili’s puppet regime has started the war against Russia “de facto”. Of course, Washington could easily be seen behind his back, but it were Georgian soldiers who actually killed civilians and Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The were no official declaration of War from Tbilisi, but armed attack on a military personnel while on duty were in all times “casus belly” for a war.

Delayed Kremlin’s reaction was adequate from the military point of view: ground troops engagement and air raids on Georgian territory (Tbilisi managed to destroy civilian targets in the early hours on the 8 august by a surprise attack). On the whole the situation was, to put it mildly, strange – army is fighting but Russian energy companies are still supplying Georgia with natural gas and electricity. So Gasprom is a state within itself and doesn’t care about anything except money.
This time it was different. The military had their own way and American pet was crushed for good. But that is not enough. This criminal regime should be destroyed publicly, to show the Americans that every single regime they established on our borders will end the same.

Of course, if orders are issued Tbilisi will be ours in several days. But it is not the case – we should not occupy the capital of a neighbouring state. The cost will be too dare. We are civilized nation, Thanks God, and do not abuse the poorest, like Americans.

It should be done otherwise. We have rather high rate of birth in our Caucasian republics and very few jobs. There are too many military able men and a lot of guns. They are all locals – they know the place, they like there. They have the right mentality. They needs very little: some money, a lot off munitions and the main thing a green light from Moscow. They should know the main thing- Hey fellas; behind that ridge is Tbilisi, a lot of loot, girls, and wine. This is all yours – go and get it! It will take no time at all and that “crazy house” that they in the west calling a democratically elected government of Georgia be gone. After this government is history – his place will be taken by a more loyal to Moscow. A big advantage of that scenario is that everything is going to be done with hands of the people who are by the terms of the saakashvilie’s clique are rebels.

(I think that it very well goes with the game. It was not our idea. There is nothing immoral. We are at war. Our leaders should stop playing by the rules against the adversary who recognizes the rules established only by himself for himself.)

Russian nationalists should not take part in that operation on a Georgian soil. North Caucasian nationals will far more better gain an understanding with the Georgians and Russian nationalists will soon be needed on Russian territory. Americans won’t stop on South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Their main aim is Russia. And nobody except for the nationalists could control the situation inside the country.

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